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Re: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev latest status on java script support?
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:25:16 +0900 (JST)

>       This isn't a gripe at anybody.  I am only stating that it
> is worth trying to get a text browser that does javascript and
> allows one to complete forms and download files if at all
> possible.  These are the actions that probably mean the most in
> day-to-day work and play.  There will still be plenty of things
> that don't work, but we must take it one problem at a time.  Make
> the links work.  Then try to render readable text on most pages,
> then worry about more exotic tasks like what to do with binaries,
> etc.
>       I feel kind of bad because I do like to write programs in
> C and experiment a bit, but I am not sure I have the knowledge to
> hit the ground running in this particular area.  
>       If there are any problems that lend themselves to a more
> or less modular solution, I am certainly willing to pitch in and
> contribute.

It can be done!  At this very moment there are at least three programers
ready to go on Javascript support for Lynx, you, Kirk Reiser and Harland
Christofferson.  If you three work together, I am sure it can be done, and
done well.  Philosophical issues set aside, I am wholeheartedly rooting
for you.

One problem in the past with serious improvements to Lynx has been that it
is often a "moving target."  Coordinate with Tom about perhaps using a
certain snapshot among the Javascript support team for development.

Go for it!  This is probably the last opportunity for Lynx to get JS
support.  What makes this a prime opportunity is that there are so many
of you.  Already three _individuals_ over a period of about 4 years have
given up.


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