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Re: lynx-dev zlib doesn't work (here) with remote files

From: Fr?d?ric L . W . Meunier
Subject: Re: lynx-dev zlib doesn't work (here) with remote files
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 02:04:58 -0200
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On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 01:44:31PM -0600, Klaus Weide wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 12:55:25PM -0200, Frederic L. W. Meunier wrote:
> > > Hi. I don't know if it's related, but some time ago I removed
> > > compress from my system since gunzip worked with .Z files and
> > > I don't intend to create any.
> I cannot see how removing "compress" would influence the working
> (or not) for gzip'd files in any way.
> > > I was using Lynx 2.8.5dev.2 and it downloaded compressed
> > > files from Apache + mod_gzip. For some reason it doesn't work
> > > anymore with remote files, but it can uncompress local files.
> Are the HTTP headers correct, i.e. is there a
>   Content-encoding: gzip   (or: x-gzip)


> and
>   Content-type: text/html  (or: text/plain)
> ?

Server: Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) mod_gzip/ PHP/4.0.6
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.0.6
Cache-Control: private
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html
HTMIME: PICKED UP Server: 'Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) mod_gzip/ PHP/4.0.6'

Well, maybe it's a coincidence, and is
broken ? Could someone confirm that the site doesn't send any
compressed files ? Or send any working sites I can use to
test it.

BTW, when I remove a Lynx.trace and try to trace something on
the same session, a new file isn't created. Is there any way
to avoid restarting lynx ?

> > > Today I compiled 2.8.5dev.4 with the following options:
> > 
> > some operations use zlib, some use external decoders (I'll have to look/see
> > if it's easy to fix)
> Lynx uses zlib only for reading gzip'd files from disk.
> A compressed HTML text from a Web server would normally first be
> completely downloaded into a temporary file, and then opened
> by lynx (with gzopen(), a zlib function) for reading.

What happened before.

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