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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.4

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.4
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 16:09:39 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2001-11-08 (2.8.5dev.4)
* if file-upload code is configured, suppress message that indicates it is not
  implemented, i.e., "[FILE Input] (not implemented)" -TD
* modify file-upload submission to send plain text if the file is entirely
  printable text.  Mime encoding is needed if the file contains nulls, etc.,
  but reportedly may confuse some hosts -TD
* suppress "charset=" clause on form submission if it is iso-8859-1 -TD
* move case for F_FILE_TYPE in HText_SubmitForm() to obtain original behavior
  translate their character set, etc.  (report by KW) -TD
* revert 2.8.4dev.21 change to avoid truncating cookie path in LYSetCookie().
  The server that wouldn't work with the current lynx behavior is
  identified as "Oracle_Web_Listener/"  -DK
* modify LYLegitimizeHREF() change from 2.8.4dev.21 to eliminate newlines from
  the HREF rather than converting them to spaces.  This fixes a problem with which splits up HREFs with newlines.  Changing the newlines to
  spaces made the HREF no longer match, e.g., when it was built up from
  a CGI script (report by Morten Bo Johansen) -TD
* add two test files for testing UTF-8, based on Markus Kuhn's demos
  (quickbrown.html and utf-8-demo.html).  These work with ncurses 20011103
  patch, for wide-characters except for combining characters (more work is
  needed in ncurses).  Tested with XFree86 xterm (patch #163) -TD
* modify select_multi_bookmarks() check for interrupt character to limit it to
  "hard" interrupt characters such as ^G.  This fixes a case where "z" would
  have been treated as an interrupt character in advanced multibookmark mode
  (reports by Michael Warner, HN, as well as Debian #111463) -TD
* modify SUPPORT_MULTIBYTE_EDIT logic in LYUpperCase() and LYLowerCase() to
  check for a null character following an upper-128 code.  This is more likely
  to occur in EBCDIC, though the multibyte strings should not have a null at
  this position in any case (report by PG) -TD
* for wide-character curses configuration, do not force repainting at the end
  of display_page() -TD
* modify configure test for mkstemp() to check if that function returns
  distinct values (report by Fr3dY indicates that AmigaOS has a broken version
  of mkstemp() which always returns the same value) -TD
* modify LYwaddstr() to use wide-character curses functions to make UTF-8 output
  work without relying upon side-effects of narrow-character functions.  Note
  that this relies on the user having set a UTF-8 locale, e.g., en_US.UTF-8 -TD
* modify HText_appendCharacter() to not use utfxtra_on_this_line when compiling
  with WIDEC_CURSES, since the curses library already does this adjustment -TD
* correct the following names in LYrcFile.c which were added to allow
  ENABLE_LYNXRC lines in lynx.cfg to enable them to be saved in ~/.lynxrc
    old           new          where-used
    DTD_recovery  tagsoup      (command-line option and lynx.cfg)
    show_rate     show_kb_rate (lynx.cfg)
    user_agent    useragent    (command-line option)
  (report by Michel Such <address@hidden>) -TD
* modify LYRefreshEdit() to clear field before repainting (patch by Hataguchi
* for CJK configuration, force clearing/repainting in HTUserMsg() (patch by
  Hataguchi Takeshi)
* make HTInfoMsg() sleep condition consistent with other messages by using
  LYSleepInfo() -TD
* reduce clutter with new function utf8_length() -TD
* replace !isascii(ch) with new macro is8bits(ch), to reduce clutter, fix some
  sign-extensions and make it more portable -TD
* change some of the "#if" statements to "#ifdef", to work around broken
  versions (2.96, 3.0.1) of gcc distributed with Mandrake 8.1 (though
  reportedly this is due to Redhat):  the -C option passes through comments as
  usual, but some comments expand on preprocessor lines, which causes the
  preprocessor to report an expression error.  This prevented "make
  install-help" from running, though the -C option is not needed for that. 
  However, lacking a working -C option makes the C preprocessor useless for
  analyzing bugs -TD
* modify configure script to accept --with-screen=ncursesw, to build with the
  wide-character version of ncurses -TD
* modify configure script to look for mkdtemp(), to quiet another bogus linker
  message -TD

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