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Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter

From: Eduardo Chappa
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Thinking of a Possible Javascript to html Converter
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:26:28 -0700 (PDT)

*** Larry W. Virden (address@hidden) wrote in the Lynx list today:

:) > This reminds me of the mathematical proof that men can not fly to the
:) > moon. I am not an expert in the code of the library, but I can't
:) > imagine that there is no way of doing this.
:) Far be it from us to discourage you from taking on the task! Good Luck!

You don't seem to understand my point. Let me explain it again. I do not
think I am alone when I say that creating a (simple) processor for
Javascript is easy. I myself once did that. Just to make sure you
understand me correctly, it was very basic.

  Why I did not continue with it?, very simple answer. I either had to do
the processing of the html by myself (bad idea, because I was not writing
an html processor) or use another library. If I used somebody else's
library, how should I make the calls that I needed to make? In another
words, I needed someone to teach me "this is the way you retrieve a
document, or a form", and "this is the way you get back the
document/form", so that it can be displayed/submitted/etc.

  I could have concentrated in what i was interested if I had had some
direction. So regardless of your ironic best wishes, I was interested in
doing something along those lines, but I realize that I need some help in
doing it. If there was a way to learn what is needed, I am sure there are
people interested in contributing to this project, and comments like "it
won't happen because it takes too much time" or others are not a good
reason, after all, many hours have been spent in developing Lynx.

  What I am asking is that people support this effort, those who know the
library should teach those who don't how it works. I do not think that
this is too much to ask. I am not asking that those who know the library
develop a javascript library, so do not misunderstand me.

  Any volunteers?


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