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lynx-dev Lynx, OS2 and HPFS

From: Jacques Jamain
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx, OS2 and HPFS
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:24:37 +0100
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  after some reflections I decided to upgrade from Lynx beta 0.4 by Derek
  J Decker (based on Lynx 2.4.1) and downloaded from Hobbes the 2.8.4
  fresh version for os2. I've a simple comment about the recommendation
  to install onto an hpfs partition.  On that partition  unzipping
  preserve the long names but it seems that internally Lynx proceeds with
  a truncated scheme and so directories and files cannot be accessed.
  For instance this definition in the lynx.cfg is not recognized:


  I had already noticed that in my previous installation and I solved
  that in renaming many files to fit the "8.3"  good old scheme ;) with
  some drawbacks.

  Today I found a more elegant solution (I think it is :) in unzipping the
  package onto a fat partition and moving back the Lynx root directory
  to the hpfs partition. The 8.3 truncation algorithm seems to be the
  same with Unzip and Lynx. All the things work correctly (in particular
  the links within the help, user, ... guides). There are very few
  collisions on the truncated names: mainly the ansi-color-n definitions
  in the terminfo/a directory but it's affordable... The best solution
  would be to have an option in Unzipping  to make 8.3 names directly
  onto an hpfs partition (incredible...) but I'm not aware of the
  existence of such an option, do you?

  Voila, anyway this port is great and I thank you for the good job.
jj - Samedi 24 FĂ©vrier 2001 --- 14:24:41 

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