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RE: lynx-dev Specify Image Source in HTML for Lynx

From: Patrick
Subject: RE: lynx-dev Specify Image Source in HTML for Lynx
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 06:55:50 -0700

In "RE: lynx-dev Specify Image Source in HTML for Lynx"
[12/Jan/2001 Fri 13:16:56]

>     Can anyone tell me if there are external programs which can be used in
> conjunction with Lynx to view and be able to print an inline image in a
> document.  We want to be able to include our logo in a patient data form
> that we would like to be able to produce.

Try printing the plain text on paper that already has your logo
on it.

Sorry, Lynx is not a graphical browser.  It cannot display or
print inline images.  It can:

1       Dowload the image, saving it to a file [links for all
        images must be set TRUE in lynx.cfg, or toggled at runtime
        with the '*' key].

2       Call external viewers to display the image.  Links for
        images must also be set TRUE to do this.  When a viewer
        is called, the *other* program displays the image through
        its *own* user interface, and does not display it in the
        body of the page.

All the XLOADIMAGE stuff in MacLynx is very platform-specific,
and of course a UNIX shell account is a text-only interface, so
there's really not much I can say about this for VMS.


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