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lynx-dev Re: Happy New Year [again]

From: Michael Warner
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Happy New Year [again]
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 15:02:52 -0800
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On or about 07 Jan, 2001, Patrick
<address@hidden> wrote:


> > I'm not trying to dissuade anybody from improving lynx, but at least one
> > of the majorly requested features is already in links.
> Yes, but apparently Links is missing a lot of Lynx's best qualities.
> Maybe some of these features can be added to Links sometime.

Until some other browser offers automatic redirection ala
CERNRULES, lynx has no serious competition for my affections.
Automagically getting the "printer-friendly" pages on frequently
used sites is just too cool.


>       Are the sort of general comments I throw in -- eg. from
>       ordinary users who don't know much about programming --
>       any real contribution to the list or just noise?

As an ordinary user who doesn't code, but has contributed some
noise, my understanding is that the decision has been explicitly
made to stay with one list, rather than splitting off a
"lynx-user" version, partly just to keep the user input.  Lynx is
sufficiently non-mainstream a browser that traffic doesn't get that
heavy, and most of the users who write to the list seem to me to
be knowledgable enough for their input to be worthwhile.  Noise
for its own sake should probably still be avoided, of course.

As always, IMHO, and YMMV.

Michael Warner   | Free literature -- Project Gutenberg
<address@hidden> | <>

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