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lynx-dev new lang to be included in the po directory

From: SreePriya. G
Subject: lynx-dev new lang to be included in the po directory
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:24:35 +0530 (IST)

If a po file for a new language (say 'la' , an ISO 639 code ) needs to be
introduced,what are the steps to be taken.I am aware of the following steps.

1.Use the lynx.pot file and create a po file :la.po

2.After this is one wants to test it ,what does one do, 
if 'la' is a language that does not have a 'po' file at all so far?

3.For Linux, setting the LANG variable does the work of changing the
language, but then it does not work if one sets LANG='la' for example
wherein 'la' is a lang for which no translation had existed so far.This
happens inspite of putting the appropriate po file in the appropriate 'po'
subdirectory and compiling the package

Something more has to be done of which i am not sure.
something has to be added in the path:

Does anyone have any information regarding this.


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