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Re: lynx-dev Downloading large files via ftp

From: Fiber McGee
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Downloading large files via ftp
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 01:08:07 -0600

The message below from Gisli Ottarsson
<address@hidden> was forwarded by the
list maintainer.

>>>>> On Fri, 10 Nov 2000 01:37:37 -0600 (CST), Klaus Weide said:

  KW> On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Fiber McGee [sic] wrote:

  >> >   1) sending the 680Mb twice over the network, from my home machine to
  >> >      the linux machine and back.  This took over 15 minutes during
  >> >      which lynx appeared to have hung.

  KW> You gotta admit that 680Mb AND your remote-mount setup is an
  KW> unusual situation... Lynx deals with it, but isn't exactly
  KW> optimized for this situation.

Fortunately, a 680Mb file size is certainly rare.  (Auto) NFS mounted
home directories probably are not.  My home directory can only reside
on one machine and through the course of my work I must work on many
different machines.

  >> >To add insult to injury, after the copy operation, lynx failed to
  >> >remove the temporary file, L12120-9789TMP.bin.

  KW> It would have removed it eventually, when exiting at the latest.

It did.

  KW> If you need to do this frequently, consider using a mechanism different
  KW> from the default builtin "Save to disk" implementation (which isn't
  KW> optimal for your situation).  A DOWNLOADER in lynx.cfg which does a
  KW> mv, probably after prompting for a name, should do the trick.

Thanks for the tip.  I could see how this would do the trick.  Is
there any reason that this shouldn't be the default thought?

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful work.

Best regards.


Gisli Ottarsson, PhD
Mechanical Dynamics Inc.            address@hidden
2301 Commonwealth Blvd.             Tel: 1-734-913-2550
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105           Fax: 1-734-994-6418

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