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Re: lynx-dev JS onclick

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev JS onclick
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 01:49:47 -0700

In "Re: lynx-dev JS onclick"
[30/Jul/2000 Sun 00:23:55]
David Woolley wrote:

> > it really shouldn't be difficult to get Lynx to recognise `onclick',
> > extract the following URL & present it as a link marked `ONCLICK':
> In many, if not most, of the cases I've seen, the URL is not in the
> onclick parameter.  What is there is either an index number, or only
> part of the relative URL; most commonly just an index number.

Yes, a lot of JavaScript'ed links call URLs which are actually
between the <SCRIPT> elements [well, not URLs exactly, but relative
paths].  Converting the link itself would be tricky, but could
Lynx instead look into the script for references and convert these
to links?  They would generally appear at the top of the page,
since most scripts are in the <HEAD>.

For example, New Array() variables almost always point to other
documents [often, these would waste time on image rollover references,
but it would pull a lot of useful URLs from scripts too].  Could
it handle/generate these links the same way it does with image


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