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Re: lynx-dev JS onclick

From: A. R. Vener
Subject: Re: lynx-dev JS onclick
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:58:19 -0400 (EDT)

After reading some of the talk about terpreting the onClick Javascript
function I retrieved this HTML.  It doesn't look quite as
simple as parsing the onClick to get a URL:

<TITLE>Lynx Unfreindly Site</TITLE>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=3D"javascript">
//browser sniffing
var nav =3D false;
var ie =3D false;
var agt=3Dnavigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var is_major =3D parseInt(navigator.appVersion);=20
var is_minor =3D parseFloat(navigator.appVersion);=20

var is_nav  =3D ((agt.indexOf('mozilla')!=3D-1) && =
                && (agt.indexOf('compatible') =3D=3D -1) && =
                && (agt.indexOf('webtv')=3D=3D-1));=20
var is_ie   =3D (agt.indexOf("msie") !=3D -1);    =20

var is_nav4up =3D (is_nav && (is_major >=3D 4));
var is_ie4up  =3D (is_ie  && (is_major >=3D 4));=20
var is_webtv =3D (agt.indexOf("webtv") !=3D -1);=20

//detects browser type
if(parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >=3D 4) {
 if (navigator.appName =3D=3D "Netscape") {
  nav =3D true;
 } else if (navigator.appName =3D=3D "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
  ie =3D true;
  domObj =3D "window.";

var isIt4 =3D (is_nav4up||is_ie4up||is_webtv);
//end browser sniffing

//kick out non-DHTML MS and NN browsers
if(isIt4=3D=3Dfalse) {
 self.document.location =3D "/redirect.htm";

//set the domOvj variable for IE
var domObj =3D "";
if (is_ie4up) domObj =3D "window.";

var userInfo =3D new Array();

//handle Netscape resizing
//but exclude version 4.0x browsers
//because they are wacky w/onResize event
function handleResize() {
 return false;
if =
) {
 window.onresize =3D handleResize
} =20
//Get back to business...=20

//The window opener
var streamerWin =3D null;

function opensWindow(url, name, w, h) {

//make sure the window is closed
 if (!streamerWin || streamerWin.closed) {

//Hook myself up with the size variables=20
 var w0, h0;

//These are the parameters - refer to the VAR "variables"
 var dirs =3D "no";
 var loc =3D "no";=20
 var menu =3D "no";=20
 var scrs =3D "yes";=20
 var stat =3D "no";
 var tool =3D "no";
 var resize =3D"yes";
//this sets the width in pixels
w0 =3D w;
h0 =3D h;

//if screen resolution is more than 800x600, shrink the window
if (isIt4 =3D=3D true) {

if (h0 > 500 && eval(domObj + "screen.height") < 700) {
h0 =3D h0*.80;=20

//make sure the height and width are integers
  w0 =3D parseInt(w0);
  h0 =3D parseInt(h0);=20
//set up the window property variables for interpolation
  var features =3D
                'width=3D'        + w0 +
                ',height=3D'      + h0 +
                ',directories=3D' + dirs +
                ',location=3D'    + loc +
                ',menubar=3D'     + menu +
                ',scrollbars=3D'  + scrs +
                ',status=3D'      + stat +
                ',toolbar=3D'     + tool +
                ',resizable=3D'  + resize;
//open the window already
streamerWin =3D, name, features); =20
} else {
 streamerWin.document.location =3D url;


function setStatus(msg) {
 window.status =3D msg;
 return true;

var cssvar =3D '';
cssvar=3D'<STYLE type=3D"text/css">TD {font-family:Arial; =
font-size:10pt;}TD.eight {font-size:8pt;}TD.nine =
{font-size:9pt;}TD.title {font-family:"Arial Black"; =
color:#ffffff;}TD.twelve {font-size:12pt}TD.sub {color:#ffffff; =
font-weight:700;}#u {color:#009900; font-weight:700;}#d {color:#CC0000; =
font-weight:700;}#streamer {color:#336699}}#help {font-size:11pt; =
font-family:Arial; color:#ffffcc;}</style>';
<!-- frames -->
    <FRAME NAME=3D"topnav" SRC=3D"/top/top.htm" MARGINWIDTH=3D"0" =
    <FRAME NAME=3D"body" SRC=3D"/dummy.htm" MARGINWIDTH=3D"0" =

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