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Re: lynx-dev reverse search

From: Sergei Pokrovsky
Subject: Re: lynx-dev reverse search
Date: 29 Jul 2000 11:15:12 +0700
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>>>>> "David" == David Combs <address@hidden> skribis:


  David> Probably 99% of the users use ascii (does anyone have ANY
  David> statistics on usage?) -- if so, the easy way out is to just
  David> hook-in some existing regex-library.

Most users use M$ IE or NS; that's not an argument.  Many people with
some specific needs use Lynx; for me the availability of Unicode on a
Unix platform is a major consideration.


  David> But people all over the world have, for the last 40 years (at
  David> least the first 35 of the 40) survived nicely using ascii
  David> terminals, ascii OSs, etc.

It is not nice use ASCII terminal to render a Russian or even a
Spanish text.  And even less so if you have to mix languages, as in a

  David> And other than the blind, seems to me that the percentage of
  David> people who want a non-gui browser is shrinking daily.

I am not blind, but I often call Lynx in my scripts to produce a flat
text from HTML.


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