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Re: lynx-dev reverse search

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev reverse search
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 05:20:27 -0600

On Thu, Jul 27, 2000, Thomas Dickey (address@hidden) said:
| On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 01:53:00AM -0600, Kim DeVaughn wrote:
| > I've been meaning to ask ...
| >
| > ... aside from the obvious "because nobody's coded it" answer, is there
| > any reason why there's no reverse search function?
| yes (the underlying issue is that the search would have to traverse a
| lot of structure, not simply plain text).

Ah yes ... I remember now from when I added external editor capability
to TEXTAREA's.  And unfortunately, at least one of the structs is only
singly linked ... :-( ...

| > Yes, I know that a forward search "wraps", but that is often a PITA to
| > get where I want to go.
| >
| > Is anybody else interested in this, or is it just me?  If there's some
| > interest, I'll look into adding it (sorry, no Javascript insights ATT :-)).
| I think a lot of people are interested, but few have time.

I'll look into it a bit ... no promises though, as my time is a bit
limited, as well ...

Thanks for the reminder.


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