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Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript

From: A. R. Vener
Subject: Re: lynx-dev More discussion about javascript
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 09:42:14 -0400 (EDT)

I agree with David.  I typically have 4 or 5 screens open  with lynx 
running in two of them, telnet in another  micq in the fourth and one
for local commands or running trplayer on URLs saved from one of the 
lynx sessions.   

Now, if textMozilla can be launched from a command line interface and not
require X, then, yes, I'd be delighted to see it developed. I'd even
be delighted to help.

I am not familiar with the software architecture of either Lynx of Javascript. 
Can anyone offer suggestions on where to start?  I mean other than saying 
"read the code" ? :-)

> Uh, I'm not so sure.
> First, one of the many reasons lynx is so nice
> is that it is SMALL.   Starts-up FAST.
> More important for me, anyway, is that I run
> lynx from a *shell account* on my isp -- no gui stuff,
> no mice, the fanciest you CAN do in shell acct is
> vi or lynx or trn type cursor jumping (and colors
> for those who know how to set it up -- I have
> never succeeded).
> Of course, I *could* use the (Netcom-only?) program 
> "slirp", that somehow lets you pretend you are
> a pc-like computer (I suppose) with ppp or slip or
> other scheme.  
> But I don't WANT to run web stuff via a GUI -- I like
> having (1) lynx (2) often mutt (3) often trn "up"
> at the same time, and can get back into any one
> via, of course, an "fg" into it.
> I really LIKE lynx, the vi-keys hjkl, the L command,
> the V command, and so on.
> ---
> I wonder -- what would be difficult about somehow
> using their javascript-parsing routines -- hopefully,
> netscape wouldn't be threaded throughout it?
> Or at least for any NEW ns-development; COULD maybe
> be done so it could ALSO be used within lynx.  (?)
> David
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