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lynx-dev javascript

From: system
Subject: lynx-dev javascript
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:28:27 -0600

>People seem to think adding support for JavaScript isn't practical,
>and maybe impossibe, in Lynx because of its a one-pass HTML parsing.

I went back and read the archived discussion from March about this.

As I understand it (which may or may not be related to reality),
the right way to do it requires a substantial amount of work, 
effectively rewriting the way lynx handles web pages.

I have limited experience dealing with javascript and no knowledge of
how it works.

My biggest complaint about it is when the scum change the "back" button
so that you can't easily get back to the page you were at before, my
second is when they pop up windows that you didn't ask for.

Having gotten my pet peeves off my chest, when I look at javascript source
it often has relative URLs.  I have on occasion put the base URL with the
relative and found my way into their lair.  But it is a pain and my 
recollection is that on those occasions that I was successful I was generally 
met by more javascript.

I like things to be done the right way.  And if that stands a realistic 
chance of being completed and mostly ready for prime time in the next six
months to a year, I say go for it.

In fact, based on my very rudimentary and doubtless flawed understanding I
would urge the development community to get behind this and do it.

If not, I would be very happy with having the addresses parsed out and
pasted on the screen as links.

Just so you understand why I talk about the development community as somebody
separate from myself, I just completed a single course in C, this time next
year I hope to have completed a course in C++, I am a system manager who
does some DCL scripting and minor changes to get programs to compile, I am not
a programmer in any serious sense of the word.

Robert Morphis

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