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Re: lynx-dev curses working but new problem with highlighted links

From: Lloyd Rasmussen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev curses working but new problem with highlighted links
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 12:35:25 -0400

I thought that's how Lynx was supposed to work.  Are you using
-show_cursor or not?  With -show_cursor, your cursor will be at the
current link whenever there is one on the screen.  This helps me use
Vocal-Eyes screen reader with Lynx in a DOS box under Win95, but it was
also useful when I connected to Lynx on a shell account with a modem
program or a telnet program.

On Sat, 22 Jul 2000 12:25:04 -0400 (EDT), A. R. Vener wrote:

>Thanks to Doug Kaufman and Thomas Dickey. 
>Installing  Thomas's latest ncurses and configuring
>with --with-screen=ncurses did the trick. 
>Now I have an SSL compliant lynx browser, but one problem still remains.
>This new lynx highlights every link on the screen whether it is 
>currently selected or not. The previous lynx only highlighted
>the link that was seclected which is how I likew it.  Searching
>the lynx.cfg file didn't turn up any clues about how to change this 
>behavior. I tried using the lynx.cfg file from my older lynx to see if
>that fixed the problem but it didn't. I didn't see any relevant switch
>or option in the confugre command help list. The only one that
>cam close was one that switched between bold and underlined links.
>So, any suggestions how I can get lynx to highlight only the current
>Thanks for all your help!

Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, Maryland
home:  <address@hidden> <>
Work:  <address@hidden>         <>

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