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Re: lynx-dev LYNXfoo internal URLs (was: cfg help sought)

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYNXfoo internal URLs (was: cfg help sought)
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 03:24:03 -0700

No news here, and you'd already pointed out the mistakes in my
last letter -- but I did find one of the exceptions you'd asked
about in Lynx's generated HTML [thanks, by the way: they were
pretty obvious mistakes, and I wish *I'd* caught them before sending
that last note].

In "lynx-dev LYNXfoo internal URLs (was: cfg help sought)"
[09/Jun/2000 Fri 10:04:24]
Klaus Weide wrote:

> > > "Supported URLs" (from the main Help page).  I am referring to the
> > > current version of that, your setup may point to something
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > older, so try the online help link from <>.
>                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You are not quoting from the current version.  There are no triple
> exclamation marks in the current version.

Yes, point taken.  Sorry to waste your time.

> The newer "URL Schemes" text gives some reasons (not too far from your
> list).
> > C is only relevant with public files, not things like lynx_bookmarks.html
> > and so on.  I can't think of any reason to use them in public
> > web-pages anyway.  Lynx already uses invalid HTML because its
> > generated documents don't include DOCTYPE, 
> That is not required for a text to be a valid text/html document.
> HTML 2.0 is HTML, too.

Hmm, looks like the HTML validator I was using assumes HTML 3.2
when no DOCTYPE element is found, then goes on to raise false
warnings based on that assumption.

> > tags, but that's harmless and makes them easier to edit.
> None of these are required.
> Lynx uses them anyway in most of its generated HTML; I am curious
> what exceptions you have found.

Only one: in Lynx 2.8.x, directory listings begin with <HEAD>\n<TITLE>
instead of <HTML>\n<HEAD>\n<TITLE>.  Probably not even worth fixing
[not broken to begin with, so why fix it?].  One change I noticed
since 2.7.1 is that it *does* use <HTML>...</HTML> in most generated
documents now.

> Bookmark files are a special case, they are nearly-but-not-quite
> HTML (unclosed OL element).

I don't think I've actually generated any new bookmark files in
Lynx 2.8; uploaded my old bookmarks instead, then started adding
to those lists.


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