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lynx-dev Other uses for <!-- X-URL --> and <BASE HREF>

From: pAb-032871
Subject: lynx-dev Other uses for <!-- X-URL --> and <BASE HREF>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 03:24:09 -0700

More or less hypothetical but this might come in handy later,
if/when I learn more about programming and Lynx's code.

The automatic insertions of;
<!-- X-URL: http ://www.server.dom/~username/ -->
<BASE HREF="http ://www.server.dom/~username/">
are very useful, keeping relative links in dowloaded/saved HTML
current [spaces added to avoid bad links in mail archive].

How hard would it be to add this to text/plain files as well?
Might seem like a strange thing to do, useful only to absent-minded
twits like me who save interesting things from the web and then
forget where they came from. . .

Adding something like;
    Linkname: Page Title
         URL: http ://www.server.dom/~username/
would be prettier, but the X-URL/BASE HREF thing seems easier
because it's already set up to do this with text/html.  I'm guessing
Linkname/URL would require borrowing some elements from the "="
info-page and generally make things too complicated.

Yes, the simplest thing would be to save info-pages along with
text files, or to save source instead.  I just got curious, and
this seemed like a good time to ask since list traffic is pretty
slow right now.

By the way, what's the "X-URL:" comment for?  Just something Lynx
throws in to show this wasn't originally in the page source? 
A provision for times when the BASE is different from the actual
location of the document?

        I just remembered that I'm absent-minded.
        I mean I've lost my mind.
        I can't find it. . .
                                -- Slim Shady


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