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lynx-dev file editing location

From: Gottipati Aravind
Subject: lynx-dev file editing location
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 19:41:47 -0700
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        Dont FLAME me for this but I love vim better than emacs, and I
would like to use lynx for my general working. I mean I would like to be
able to use lynx just like emacs works.. I want to open files with it,
edit them in vim and be able to browse the web, send  e-mail .. well.. u
know.. everything in general. I know (well.. am learning) hwo to set up
lynxexec and lynxprog commands. and now to my real Q.
        I set up vim to behave differently based on the directory a file
is located in. but when I open a file in lynx and start to edit it, it
is copied to /tmp and the original file is updated or overwritten after
I finish editing. I would like to edit a file in its current location,
i.e I want LYNX_TEMP_SPACE to point to the current directory lynx is in.
so that I can use my vim settings while editing. how do I do this?
thank you
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