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Re: lynx-dev Re: lynx should respect LANG

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: lynx should respect LANG
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 11:23:26 +0900 (JST)

> > > MM_CHARSET=shift_jis.  That's not useful for metamail, unless you actually
> > > receive mail in euc-jp or shift_jis, but it shouldn't so any harm either.
> > > (After all, it's a truthful statement about the terminal's behavior.)
> > 
> > I don't think the warning of metamail is harmful.
> The warning itself isn't harmful - but ignoring it might be. :)
> For example, if you got a mail in shift_jis (and properly labelled so,
> so than metamail _can_ warn).  Now I think that even mail programs on
> Japanese Windows systems don't send mail that way, so this may not be
> a very realistic example, but what about other (non-Japanese) charsets
> with Shift_JIS-like characteristics (here: characters in the 128-159
> range).  According to Henry, that may lead to a "total lockup of
> emulation" in some circumstances.

[Wouldn't quote anything I say.]  If I got a mail in sjis while my emulation
was set to receive/transmit euc, I would indeed be in trouble.  (Wouldn't
even be able to read any warning from metamail, would I?)  That's why I have
nkf as a (procmail) filter to turn all mail into iso-2022-jp on un*x.  I'm
sure there's a better way, but that's all I know how to do.

> may be fixable.  This shouldn't be viewed as a question of just "How can
> I suppress the warning", but a combination of "How can I suppress the warning
> when it is unnecessary" and "What can I do to display text correctly when the
> warning *is* appropriate".


> Is it true that all terminal emulators that understand euc-jp also
> understand iso-2022-jp directly (without the user having to switch modes)?
> I checked kterm, kon, and krxvt, they all seem to, at least for JISX0208

The only (telnet-like) terminal emulators I know only do euc-jp or sjis.

> Also, just out of curiosity, is kterm what you normally use?

I know "you" doesn't mean me, but JFYI, I only use text, i.e., telnet in.
Occasionally, I'll use the console.  Never used X.

> > Why?  I watnt to recommend Japanes metamail user to set MM_CHARSET to
> > iso-2022-jp not to show warnings of metamail.

I don't know about the reason, but mail should be received/sent in one
encoding no matter what; for that iso-2022-jp seems the "best" standard.

> There are still situation where autodetection fails, and where it helps
> to tell the program what the input is.  I think you agree that that's

>From a strictly user's point of view, when, and only when, autodetection
fails do I want to go to trying "to tell the program what the input is."
After autodetect fails, first, I want Lynx to try to go by what the
document is labled as.  Finally, I want to be able to do a manual override.
What's actually there in the document seems much more reliable than what
someone may say about what's in there.  (If totally off base, please ignore.)

> Do you, and other Japanese users, actually toggle '@' when you visit
> non-Japanese (non-CJK) sites?  Do you know you're supposed to?

(Only talking about "you"=me.) No. No.  (But do tell me why I'm supposed to.)

> Or do you just not care enough about anything but Japanese and 7-bit
> ASCII characters?

Yes.  (Can't read anything except Japanese and English.  Smattering of
French and Spanish, so, yes, I'd like to see some of the Western European
multi-byte characters, but that has to do with the code set on my PC
and the encodings my terminal emulation can do, not lynx, AFACS.  Why do
I say this; well, when it comes time after a long pause to display some
Japanese, my hard-disk on my PC spins up, to read the fonts on my PC I
assume.  Same as the "\" being a yen sign.)


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