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lynx-dev Lynx-and-Speech-And-Missing Letters?

From: Hart Larry
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx-and-Speech-And-Missing Letters?
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 15:35:29 -0700 (PDT)

Good Evening Lynx experts:  While I am not a programmer nor an expert, I find
lots of ease of use with Lynx--and since I am blind, I do appreciate the work
and analysis done over the years to help all.
I am on my way to switching ISPs from Primenet to CTS where I have DSL along
with a shell.  This mystery is that on CTS running version 2.8rel2 0 1 I think
it says, when I am reading certain web pages, I have missing letters?  When
listening to the text in either Vocal-Eyes or ASAP, many times the first letter
following a bracketed numbered link is omitted.  Whether I dialin or telnet from
my DSL, I have the exact same results.  I can open a COMMO capture file and
reproduce this trouble.  However, neither Braille nor sighted folks looking at
the display have anything missing?  And yes, the same web pages produce the
exact same results each time.  Some have just 2 errors--and others have
hundreds, so maybe its a particular design?
Other places where I notice omissions are when I append to a file.  If the file
is more than 12pages, it usually says, "file is 5pages long, do you really want
to print"  Well the l in file and the o in long are missing?
Now, sometimes, items have not cleared from top or bottom of my screen.  If I
hit control l, it will read correctly for 1page.
I tried turning off--and--or adjusting colors but no positive results.  Another
unix wizzard suggested, maybe an escape sequence?  
I even tried running an older version of Lynx on CTS but results were no
Lastly, if I go in review, the text is fine, but really my concern is the live
listening.  I seem to only have trouble on lines with Lynx--and even if I turn
off numbering, no improvement.
Do any of you have any suggestions what I or my provider can do to solve
this?  Other ISPs have had this before, but none of the folks on blind e-mail
lists ever had a solution?
Thanks so much for listening--and providing helpful suggestions
Hart Larry

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