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Re: lynx-dev -dump with form data

From: # aurelio marinho jargas
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -dump with form data
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 17:43:49 -0300 (EST)

hi klaus,

> Klaus wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, # aurelio marinho jargas wrote:
> > is there a way of the -dump option to dump the contents of the
> > filled forms (textfield, textarea) of the page?
> >
> > i used to automatize the babelfish.altavista (systran) on-line
> > translator to a lynx command line script, but now the new version
> > of the translator put the results in a html textarea.
> You don't seem to have a problem with preparing the request[*], but
> with getting at the contents of the response.  Is that correct?

> > ok, i can use -source, but isn't there a way with -dump?
> If you mean that (textfield, textarea) are shown as
>       __________________________________________
> rather than with the initial (value, content) -
> there is currently no way to change that for -dump.  This would
> require source changes.

yes, that is exactly the problem.

> Putting stuff that's is never meant to be submitted back in a
> textarea is an abuse of HTML.  Ask Altavista not to do that.

i agree with you 100%, but altavista did it &:(
i'll send them a message about it (althought i think they will just
ignore me...)

> If you can give detailed information - like a full URL for testing,
> with all the relevant data - I could look at it and maybe suggest
> a workaround.

one workaround is to use -source instead -dump, them i just have to do
some modifications on the sed filter to print just the translated
message, ignoring de HTML code. i've already did it.

btw, the url is:";

to translate the english word 'apple' to portuguese.
the answer comes on the textarea named 'q'


i'm asking this because w3m do get the textarea data on the dump, and
maybe lynx could do it too (with a cool -option). not comparing, just
asking for a feature...


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