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Re: lynx-dev -dump with form data

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev -dump with form data
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 11:57:17 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, # aurelio marinho jargas wrote:

> is there a way of the -dump option to dump the contents of the
> filled forms (textfield, textarea) of the page?
> i used to automatize the babelfish.altavista (systran) on-line
> translator to a lynx command line script, but now the new version
> of the translator put the results in a html textarea.

You don't seem to have a problem with preparing the request[*], but
with getting at the contents of the response.  Is that correct?

[*] That's what most questions about -dump with forms are about.

> ok, i can use -source, but isn't there a way with -dump?

If you mean that (textfield, textarea) are shown as
rather than with the initial (value, content) -
there is currently no way to change that for -dump.  This would
require source changes.

Putting stuff that's is never meant to be submitted back in a
textarea is an abuse of HTML.  Ask Altavista not to do that.

If you can give detailed information - like a full URL for testing,
with all the relevant data - I could look at it and maybe suggest
a workaround.


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