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Re: lynx-dev Tweaking LYNX

From: Chuck Martin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Tweaking LYNX
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 18:12:45 -0400

On Sat, May 20, 2000 at 11:06:54PM -0500, Bob Izenberg wrote:
> I am a developer for a consultant company and we are currently using LYNX as
> a browser for handheld - text based devices.  Lynx is loaded on a UNIX
> server and the devices access this browser via a telnet session.  The text
> area is limited in what can be shown, so the telnet session is shrunk down (
> using stty ) to 20 cols and 16 rows.
> -)      Because the screen is so small, we need to optimize the space used
> in the browser.  However, it seems that the body of each HTML page is padded
> with 3 spaces to the left and 5 spaces to the right.  This cuts a viewable
> line from 20 chars to 12.   I've also looked through config files and code
> but cannot seem to find the place that pads the page.

I haven't searched the code enough for the answers to your other
questions, but I can answer this one.  Look in DefaultStyle.c, and you
will find a series of structures, each defining the characteristics for
a single element.  The first one is for the P (paragraph) element, which
is the one you want to alter (you may want to change others, too).

Just prior to this series of structures, there is a comment which tells
what the different parts of the structure represent.  The third line
begins "indents: 1st, left, right, alignment..."  In the structure for
the P element, these are 3, 3, 6, and HT_LEFT, respectively.  The first
3 is the number of spaces to indent the first line of a paragraph (since
P is the paragraph element), and the second 3 is for all other lines.  The
6 is the number of spaces at the end of the line, and the HT_LEFT is how
each line should be justified (left justified, in this case).

In the next line, you will find that the third and fourth values are
"space: before, after", which for the P element, are 1 and 0, respectively.
You may want to change these, too.

You can change them to whatever you like, but here's what I would do on
a screen that small: on the third line, I'd change the "3, 3, 6, HT_LEFT"
to "3, 0, 0, HT_LEFT", and on the next line, I'd change the "1, 0" to
"0, 0".  This would have the effect of removing lines between paragraphs
and both right and left margins, but indenting the first line of each
paragraph, so paragraph breaks would still be visible.  I might also
consider altering the structures for H2 through H6 to put a blank line
after the heading (change the first 0 on the last line of each of these
structures to a 1) so the headings are still separated from the text
that follows.  Just experiment and see what works best.

I hope this helps.


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