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lynx-dev Tweaking LYNX

From: Bob Izenberg
Subject: lynx-dev Tweaking LYNX
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 23:06:54 -0500

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> I am a developer for a consultant company and we are currently using LYNX as
> a browser for handheld - text based devices.  Lynx is loaded on a UNIX
> server and the devices access this browser via a telnet session.  The text
> area is limited in what can be shown, so the telnet session is shrunk down (
> using stty ) to 20 cols and 16 rows.
> I have tweaked the keymap configuration some to limit what users can do with
> keystrokes.  However, there are some features about LYNX that are annoying
> when it is shrunk down to that level.
> -)      The message bar at the bottom of the screen tends to make the page
> scroll off the screen to the right effectively cutting off what is shown
> (even in ADVANCED mode). .  I've looked everywhere for a way to turn it off
> completely in configuration files but with no luck.  I've also poured over
> the code looking for a function I could override or to replace but I get
> lost easily swimming through modules.
> -)      Because the screen is so small, we need to optimize the space used
> in the browser.  However, it seems that the body of each HTML page is padded
> with 3 spaces to the left and 5 spaces to the right.  This cuts a viewable
> line from 20 chars to 12.   I've also looked through config files and code
> but cannot seem to find the place that pads the page.
> If anyone has a hint of what to do or where to look to tweak LYNX in this
> way and environment, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.
> Nate DeGroff
> Cardinal Solutions Group

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