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Re: lynx-dev Bug : Cookies setting not saved

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Bug : Cookies setting not saved
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:06:01 -0700

In "lynx-dev Bug : Cookies setting not saved"
[16/May/2000 Tue 00:04:10]
David Balazic wrote:

> Third resend. I discovered (by reding the lynx www pages ) that mails
> from nonsubscribers are delayed so I subscribed to lynx-dev-contrib
> and send this message for the third time.

There's a copy going to you, AND the list.  Good point.

> ( to the mail list maintainer : what about sending a confirmation
> mail to nonsubscribers stating that their mail was accepted , but
> will be delayed ?

Another good point.  Sorry, I can't do anything about it though.

> I discovered that the option Cookies - Ignore is not saved to disk.
> the other two work as expected ( "ask user" and "accept all" ).
> The option "ignore" is valid until I exit lynx , on next start it
> reverts
> to the previous setting.

Hmm, do you have access to your lynx.cfg, or are you using Lynx
on a shared machine [ie: from a shell account]?  Lynx.cfg has
more detailed stuff about cookies, and the settings ARE permanent.
You can modify it in an ordinary text editor.

If your editor has some kind of Find/Search feature, entering
"cookie" or "cookies" [case insensitive] as a search string will
get you there a lot faster.  "COOKIE" if it can only do case-sensitive.

> possible cause :
> the .lynxrc file has only  value accept_all_cookies, which is either
> TRUE or FALSE, which masp to either "accept all" or "ask user"

I'm guessing you know that cookies only last as long as Lynx is
running.  As soon as you quit Lynx, all cookies from that session
are dumped [in other words, it only puts the data in RAM, or maybe
in a temp file, but nowhere permanent on disk].

Won't help with your .lynxrc problem, but knowing that might ease
your mind a little ;-) .

> P.S.: please CC any replies to me , because I'm not subscribed to
> lynx-dev ( but I read the web archives )

No problem.


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