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Re: lynx-dev Danish translation of lynx

From: pg
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Danish translation of lynx
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 07:26:41 -0600 (MDT)

In a recent note, robert bonomi said:

> Date: Thu, 11 May 00 04:38:38 CDT
> > IBM 327x.  But these don't support curses, so they're irrelevant to
> > lynx.
> Thy don't support ASCII, character-by-character transfer, or a bunch

ASCII is irrelevant.  Lynx compiles and runs on EBCDIC platforms
(OS/390, perhaps BS2000)

> of other things lynx needs.  Hell, you've got a completely separate 
> 'send' key.  And it causes the _only_ the 'input parts' of the screen
> to get sent back to the host.  WITHOUT any indication of 'where' the
> 'cursor' is, even.  Which would make it -very- difficult to figure out
> which link they wanted to go to.
Cursor position is available to the host when ENTER is pressed.
Intermediate motion of the cursor is not tracked.

> > If "vi" can figure it out and use the entire screen width, why can't lynx?
> I'm not knowledgable about _lynx_ internals, but, 'traditional' vi (i.e.,
> the 'real thing' as shipped with the AT&T/UCBerkeley products, not one of
> the 're-implementations', like 'nvi', or'vim') does *not* use any attribute
> stuff _in_the_text_ itself.  It also _does_reduce_ the 'usable' screen width
> on screens that have the  autowrap and/or autowrap w/ clear issue.  People
IOW it doesn't force least common denominator.

> displays.  HOWEVER, the discussion was with regard to porting to other
> language environments, and the messages and such that Lynx *itself* 
> generates.

Sorry, I overlooked that part.  But Lynx restricts the screen width not
only on generated messages but also on the document body itself.

> "punch-card" line numbers deserve whatever happens to 'em.  <grin>
How can you tell whether a right-justified 8-digit number isn't
significant data?

-- gil

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