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Re: lynx-dev checkbox with empty value

From: Janne Peltonen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev checkbox with empty value
Date: Wed, 3 May 100 03:17:45 +0200 (EET DST)

> Have you tested this?
> > [patch deleted]

I only tested it with Lynx 2.8.1rel.2 with the forms I am using. 
As this was the first time I looked at the sources, I wouldn't
trust the patch too much.

> I would be more careful, and do this change only for the "checkbox" and
> "radio" case.  For other types, empty value strings should already
> be properly dealt with.  Something like (untested)
>                  /-- BTW: huh??  comment makes no sense.
>                  v
>             /* text+file don't go in here */
>             if ((UseALTasVALUE == TRUE) ||
>                 (present && present[HTML_INPUT_VALUE] &&
>                  value[HTML_INPUT_VALUE] &&
>               (*value[HTML_INPUT_VALUE] ||
>                (I.type && (!strcasecomp(I.type, "checkbox") ||
>                            !strcasecomp(I.type, "radio")))))) {

I think that "hidden" should be added to the list of types which can
have empty value.


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