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lynx-dev checkbox with empty value

From: Janne Peltonen
Subject: lynx-dev checkbox with empty value
Date: Tue, 2 May 100 23:17:59 +0200 (EET DST)


It seems that Lynx handles checkbox type inputs with an empty ("")
value attribute as if the value was not given at all. When such a
checked checkbox is submitted, Lynx sends the string "on" rather than
an empty string. Netscape and IE don't replace empty values but send
"on" only if the value attribute wasn't there at all.

I browsed the standards but couldn't find anything specifically on
empty value strings, other than some note that CDATA consists of zero
or more characters.

I wonder which behaviour is the correct one as I happen to use some
forms with <input type=checkbox value="" ...>.

If this is a bug in Lynx, then this should correct it:

--- HTML.c~     Wed Apr 19 18:57:56 2000
+++ HTML.c      Mon May  1 09:10:10 2000
@@ -5181,7 +5181,7 @@
            /* text+file don't go in here */
            if ((UseALTasVALUE == TRUE) ||
                (present && present[HTML_INPUT_VALUE] &&
-                value[HTML_INPUT_VALUE] && *value[HTML_INPUT_VALUE])) {
+                value[HTML_INPUT_VALUE])) {
                 *  Convert any HTML entities or decimal escaping. - FM

regards, Janne

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