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Re: lynx-dev [yet another] note on table rendering

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [yet another] note on table rendering
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 19:30:54 -0700

Thank you!  I think that was the "!" to follow my "?".

But my info and user-based knowledge is quite out-of-date, so I should
avoid commenting on the newer features I know nothing about.  I found
things in your references [quoted below, if anyone who wants a second
look] that were similar to, but BETTER than my ideas.  And it's all from
3-4 years ago!  Maybe that'll change when I learn a few shell commands...

About the four radio buttons in the Options menu, I was assuming this menu
was already forms-based in the current version.  It does seem to use a
select popup for setting options now, but no buttons.  My mistake.

> Well, lynx has had *some* form of support for tables for a long time.
> Maybe you could use the terms I used in
> <>.

>    Linkname: TABLEs on non-TABLE Browsers
>         URL:

Case and point.  The only ways to stop MacLynx 2.7.1 from displaying whole
tables as one long line [well, honouring <P>, and <BR> tags, but not much
else] are already shown in tablejob.html.

> > This would be a great idea, even if
> > nothing else in this message is.  In the same way, it could treat
> > <TD ALIGN=[left/right/center]> as <BR CLEAR=[left/right/center]>  You've
> Lynx doesn't anything with CLEAR attributes on BR.

Sorry, I should have used <P ALIGN=.  Also, my copy had some weird problem
with closing </CENTER> tags and forms [not bringing it back to
left-justification, and sometimes rendering an incomplete form], but
<BR CLEAR=ALL> *seemed* to fix it.  I probably nested something wrong.

> [ Most of the detailed ideas snipped - not that they are bad. ]

Thanks, I really had no idea if any of it made practical sense.  They
might be good ideas, *based_on_what_I_knew_at_the_time*, but I really
don't know much.

> > If adding a horizontal scrollbar is a problem, [...]
> Adding horizontal scrolling should be much simpler than any of the
> complex table ideas.

Hmm, this is *not* another suggestion, but a guess: if full table
rendering is ever implemented, the same methods Lynx uses to do that could
also let it display whole framesets in one window.  Setting aside a column
down the left side of the screen for a TD navbar isn't too different from
doing the same with a whole document.  The size values given in a frameset
index are a lot like those in a table [actually, it uses COLS/LINES, which
is already native to Lynx].


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