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lynx-dev quieting the page

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: lynx-dev quieting the page
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 04:12:49 -0400 (EDT)

I've been reading over the lynx.cfg a bit and I haven't quite figured out
if I am misreading things or not finding a feature.

I would like to be able to tell lynx not to show me an indication on
a rendered page of images that are not activatible.  Many pages have
gifs used for drawing horizontal pages or spacing text on the page, etc.
I would like to configure lynx to show absolutely nothing of these
(unless perhaps I toggle on verbose images).  Right now in lynx.cfg I 
see these:

This one isn't what I am seeking - I want to see an image associated
with a map of some sort...

# If NO_ISMAP_IF_USEMAP is set TRUE, Lynx will not include a link to the
# server-side image map if both a server-side and client-side map for the
# same image is indicated in the HTML markup.  The compilation default is
# FALSE, such that a link with "[ISMAP]" as the link name, followed by a
# hyphen, will be prepended to the ALT string or "[USEMAP]" pseudo-ALT for
# accessing Lynx's text-based rendition of the client-side map (based on
# the content of the associated MAP element).  If the "[ISMAP]" link is
# activated, Lynx will send a 0,0 coordinate pair to the server, which
# Lynx-friendly sites can map to a for-text-client document, homologous
# to what is intended for the content of a FIG element.
# The compilation default, or default defined here, can be toggled via
# the "-ismap" command line switch.

At first I thought this might be the one - but it appears to show things like
<img src=...>

# VERBOSE_IMAGES controls whether Lynx replaces [LINK], [INLINE] and [IMAGE]
# (for images without ALT) with filenames of these images.
# This can be useful in determining what images are important
# and which are mere decorations, e.g. button.gif, line.gif,
# provided the author uses meaningful names.
# The definition here will override the setting in userdefs.h.

Next, I thought this one would be it.  But again, experimentation seems 
to indicate I am not able to turn off the image only items from the 

# If MAKE_LINKS_FOR_ALL_IMAGES is TRUE, all images will be given links
# which can be ACTIVATEd.  For inlines, the ALT or pseudo-ALT ("[INLINE]")
# strings will be links for the resolved SRC rather than just text.
# For ISMAP or other graphic links, ALT or pseudo-ALT ("[ISMAP]" or "[LINK]")
# will have '-' and a link labeled "[IMAGE]" for the resolved SRC appended.
# See also VERBOSE_IMAGES flag.
# The definition here will override that in userdefs.h
# and can be toggled via an "-image_links" command-line switch.
# The user can also use the LYK_IMAGE_TOGGLE key (default `*')
# or `Show Images' in the Form-based Options Menu.

The last one doesn't seem to help in cases where ALTs are specified...

# If MAKE_PSEUDO_ALTS_FOR_INLINES is FALSE, inline images which don't specify
# an ALT string will not have "[INLINE]" inserted as a pseudo-ALT,
# i.e. they'll be treated as having ALT="".
# Otherwise (if TRUE), pseudo-ALTs will be created for inlines,
# so that they can be used as links to the SRCs.
# See also VERBOSE_IMAGES flag.
# The definition here will override that in userdefs.h
# and can be toggled via a "-pseudo_inlines" command-line switch.
# The user can also use the LYK_INLINE_TOGGLE key (default `[')
# or `Show Images' in the Form-based Options Menu.

Larry W. Virden <mailto:address@hidden>
Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing in this posting should 
be construed as representing my employer's opinions.

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