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Re: lynx-dev pre8 open documentation issues

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev pre8 open documentation issues
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:03:19 -0700

>> A)-Two separate files [lynx.cfg and lynxcfg.html] take up twice as much
>>    room.
> I screamed about that for a half a year.  Anyway, the whole point of my
> script (DEMO only BTW) was that you _could_ use it in a PRINTER or
> DOWNLOADER, or better as a pseudo proxy (similar in user interface to
> your proposal) and not add a twit to the distribution bundle or the lynx
> binary, i.e., do the "htmlization" on the fly.

Ahh, now I get it; the script generates a temp file.  Or does it even do
that?  Is lynxcfg.html purely a figment of the script's "imagination",
existing only in RAM?  Good idea anyway.  Why wasn't this implemented?

Think I will write a modified lynx.cfg -- if only for my own
entertainment -- and then see if anyone else likes it.  Actaually, I
have an HTML version almost ready, but it contains a lot of Mac-specific
entries, and won't be much use on other platforms.  However, I'll upload
it to my home-page directory as an *example* file for all to see.

A v2.8.3 lynx_cfg.html should follow it, as soon as I can make sense of
the new defines [tricky, because I've never seen them in use].  This of
course depends on responses, if any, to the 2.7.1 cfg.

> Also, you do know that you don't have to use the entire distribution
> lynx.cfg, I assume.  My lynx.cfg is < 6 Kbytes, and when making a
> breakout of the source, I immediately overwrite the distribution one,
> at a savings of 120+ Kbytes of disk space.  For non-interactive use of
> lynx, you can even use /dev/null as your lynx.cfg.  Not sure what that
> means in MacOS; perhaps an empty file?
> __Henry

Yeah, it would read "zero K text file" in Get Info.  I'm not inclined to
do this, however, because MacLynx has a remote-host startfile for a
built-in default.  My ISP is time-metered [free between 12:00-6:00am
though], so I try to avoid excessive time online -- even using local
copies of search engine forms, which leaves plenty of time to think
about my quiery before the modem kicks-in.  Try that one yourself if you

The built-in remote "help" URL is also outdated [working on that. 
Luckily; "" is EXACTLY the same length as;
"" so it won't screw up the hex offsets in the
compiled binary.  God I love ResEdit. . .].

I did try chopping ALL commented lines, which left about 5-6k behind. 
But those notes can be helpful so I compromised; cutting UNIX/VMS-only
entries and unsupported features [for example, jump files always give me
an out-of-memory error, so I don't use them].

So, it's down to about 30k right now, but that's only down from 70k
[remember that this is a Lynx 2.7.1 port].  Could be smaller, if I
really got inspired. . .  You notice the program starts up faster, with
fewer comments to skim?


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