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Re: lynx-dev pre8 open documentation issues

From: pAb-032871
Subject: Re: lynx-dev pre8 open documentation issues
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 06:36:46 -0700

>> Think I will write a modified lynx.cfg

> Does this imply you have a MacLynx 2.8.3 either working or being worked on?
> Is it PowerMac only, or will it, eventually, be a FAT app that 68k macs
> can use?

No, sorry, I don't.  Wish I did.  Here's where to find one ported from
Lynx 2.7.1 though:

I had nothing to do with this one, so don't thank me for anything [looking
on the bright side, you can't blame me for any bugs either ;-)  ].  It will
run on 680x0 and PowerMacs running OS 7.1 and higher. It's called FAT, but
the download actually contains two applications: one for 68k, the other for
PPC.  I guess you just trash the one that's least useful to you.

I have been messing with the 68k version lately in ResEdit, and modifying
lynx.cfg so it's a little easier to make sense of.  My biggest headache
right now is keeping lynx.cfg under 32k, so you can edit settings in
SimpleText instead of BBEdit, but WITHOUT losing valuable help info [I keep
adding these "helpful hint" things, and then it goes back up to 35k. . .].

there's some more notes on that here:
and here:

> Do you need a tester?

Well, what I'm doing is REALLY minor stuff but yeah, especially if you're
on a PPC: I'm using an LC 520, but if you're running an OS *other*than*
7.6.1 on 68k, that's great too.  I'm not actually doing anything to the
code, so it should be no more or less buggy than when I started.

Just read msg00364 and msg00470 and let me know if it sounds good.  I won't
be done for a while anyway, so you've got plenty of time to think about it.

Thanks for being interested, really.

              USER_AGENT:Lynx/2.7.1 (MacOS b1) libwww-FM/unknown
                                                  [and grateful]


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