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lynx-dev getting Lynx JS started (was Java anyone?)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev getting Lynx JS started (was Java anyone?)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 22:38:09 -0400

000323 address@hidden wrote re JS:
> I'll get my notes out and port it to the latest dev release of Lynx.
> Then, when I get some tuits, I'll write up
> what needs to be done to Lynx's internals to make it trivial.
> A good start would be moving to the latest libwww.

so i can't emphasise too strongly: send in a patch for 2-8-4dev.1
which gets even the TINYEST BIT of JS working with Lynx
& the rest will begin to follow from you or others.
over time, you seem to have lots of brainwaves & initiatives,
but most don't get implemented & many not started (big smile etc),
so just make sure you get a bit of JS support into the big pipeline.

> which are the most important things to support?
> JS links and form validation?

looks like a good start, esp links, which commonly trip the innocent.

> I have support for  document.write ,
> but it works only whilst the document is being parsed
> because it fakes the output back into the stream being parsed
> needless to say, it breaks horribly if you try it after parse has finished.

well, send it in & maybe someone else will improve it.
> Even submitting a form via Javascript is beyond me at the moment.

so leave that one alone for the moment ...

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