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Re: lynx-dev update

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev update
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 22:16:21 -0400

360510 Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Philip Webb <address@hidden> wrote:
>> but is it correct to infer that Lynx2-7-2ms runs only on BSD
>> or even only on pure/strict BSD (whatever they might be)?
>> are your developments of any use/interest
>> to those using IRIX (me) or eg Linux [...]
> I _added_ proper BSD support.
> I didn't & don't intend to break anything that worked when Fote left.
> if I did break something, make a bug report and I'll fix it.

i can't speak for any of the other lynx-devers,
but this & your other responses -- eg that Lynx has a very low priority --
seem to show that i should have no interest in what you are doing,
beyond a bit of theory re how UNIX should have developed
(BTW i have your historical accounts from 1998 archived).
you admit that Lynx 2-7-2ms not only lacks the many features added
by a number of people during the past  2 years ,
but may also be open to malicious attacks which Lynx 2-8-3 thwarts,
so there's every reason for me to continue to use 2-8-3 here on IRIX.
otherwise, if you want 2-7-2ms tested on non-pure-BSD systems,
obviously you will have to find willing helpers, which i am not.

-- agitprop snipped --

you do not mention Linux: what do you find wrong with it?
if nothing, why are you developing PureBSD ?

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