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Re: lynx-dev Lynx Windows 4.0? when? - PS

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Lynx Windows 4.0? when? - PS
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:47:35 -0800 (PST)

*** Henry Nelson wrote in the Lynx list on Feb 26, 2000:

:) > for the internet. Even if lynx will never be comparable to these products
:) ?? Lynx is incomparably superior to Netscape or MSIE in so many ways.
:) *THEY* are the ones which need improvement, not Lynx. If people want and
:) need what those pigs offer, then use them. I prefer chicken to pork, and
:) I'd prefer that my chicken not be fattened up to taste like pork.

Nobody is perfect, nor lynx allows you to surf all the web, nor netscape
or explorer do not have their weak points. Sometimes one browser is
preferable over other is some activities in the web. The so long discussed
addition of full table support is something that lynx still misses, yet it
does some other things very well.

:) Lately I've just become disgusted by the number of pages out there that
:) say in effect "your clumsy old browser doesn't support our bells and
:) whistles (and super-fancy, eye-catching advertisements) so either get
:) Netscape or MSIE, or go away."

This is certainly a lynx problem too. The html code of these pages is what
lynx displays, because it does not know how to display frames in a more
graphical way. You like it or not there are pages out there that some
people need to read and rendering the html of a page, and not the frames
to which this page points to is not what people expect. You can decide
anything you like when you see this message in lynx, but certainly you can
not expect that all users of lynx in the world follow your decision.

:) usually offer suggestions and give them one more chance.) I really thank
:) Lynx because it tells me which sites are sincere in communicating their
:) message and which sites are trying to rip me off.

In my opinion this is just a prejudice, some web sites prefer
sophistication. Anything lynx can do something to improve its rendering is
always welcome.

:) PS To add to the rant, my students were using a machine I installed
:) Windows98 on for them, and in less than a month they had managed to fill
:) up 600MB of hard disk space with Web pages and attached graphics and
:) music. Who in the world would design a program with that kind of caching
:) on by default?

This is not a problem of the designer of the program. To put it in another
way, if you create acounts in a linux system where the default protection
for every file in the system is 755, it is not your users fault that they
can freely copy anything they like, it is the administrators fault who did
not take the action to prevent this. The administrator is the one who is
supposed to know this, not the users. You can limit the cache size, if you
do not pay attention to this details do not blame the designers of the
program, it's you who did not carefully read all the options of the


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