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Re: lynx-dev Need help with new installation

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Need help with new installation
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 21:44:35 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000 address@hidden wrote:

> The things that aren't working like I expect:
> * The ">" and "<" keys don't go to the beginning of the next line or
> end of the previous line anymore.  Now they go "straight down".  This
> is extremely irritating, because in several of my bookmark files, I
> have multiple links on each line, with the important or first-in-a-
> series links for a particular category at the beginning of the line,
> and the less important ones, or the next-in-a-series links, after
> that.  I'm used to hitting ">" to go to the first item on the next
> line (or several lines down), but when I do ">[Enter]" this selects
> a link in the middle of a line, and I have to go back and hit the up
> arrow several times to get back to the beginning of the line.

AFAIK this was a deliberate change to make the behavior more "as
expected" - unless of course you expect the old behavior because you
are used to it...

>     -- Is there a command-line option or a .lynxrc entry that I can
>     use to restore the old ">" behavior?

There isn't, you'd have to change the code.  Would be nice if it
weren't so.

> * When Lynx starts up, it is set to include "[blank.gif]" etc. for
> all images that don't have an ALT text.  I want the default to be
> to ignore images without ALT (other than links, of course, when
> having the "[menu.gif]" is handy.
>     -- Is there a command-line option or a .lynxrc entry that I can
>     use to set the default image-handling to ignore ALT-less images?

See <Lynx_users_guide.html#Images> (or maybe
<Lynx_users_guide.html.gz#Images>) for the gory details.
Since your installed version may not yet have that text, and I can't
find a working breakout of the Lynx_users_guide.html file online, here
is the relevant part:

   There are 3 choices in lynx.cfg, with 2 corresponding keys:
     VERBOSE_IMAGES                   no corresponding key

   You can also use the Options Menu, as outlined below:
     key  lynx.cfg       FM KM .lynxrc    variable in source

       *  MAKE_LINKS_     Y  N       N    clickable_images
       [  MAKE_PSEUDO_    Y  N       N    pseudo_inline_alts
          VERBOSE_        Y  Y       Y    verbose_img

FM = Form-based Menu ; KM = Key-based Menu ;
in  .lynxrc ,  VERBOSE_IMAGES  is called `verbose_images':
the other two cannot be saved between sessions.

   In the Form-based Menu, the 3-way `Show images' selection combines the
   effects of the `*' & `[' keys, as follows:
     Ignore      clickable_images = FALSE, pseudo_inline_alts = FALSE
     As labels   clickable_images = FALSE, pseudo_inline_alts = TRUE
     As links    clickable_images = TRUE,  pseudo_inline_alts = unchanged

> * When I'm editing a TEXTAREA in a form, I see the "(^Ve for editor)"
> message as I have for some time, but now when I press ^V e, I get
> the old "Lynx cannot currently (e)dit remote WWW files." message.
> I do have an editor set in the (O)ptions screen.
>     -- How can I get this to work?  Or is this something that was
>     already fixed in a later development release, that can only
>     be fixed by getting the sysadmins to upgrade again?

This was indeed fixed later - the stausline message should now
always give a key combination that works.

For your version, you probably have to set in lynx.cfg


to get the behavior promised in the statusline.


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