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Re: lynx-dev Need help with new installation

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Need help with new installation
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 18:00:18 -0500

000219 address@hidden wrote:
> Lynx 2.8.3dev.6 (13 Aug 1999) has been installed by my sysadmin
> and I don't have enough space to compile my own.
> some things I can't find explanations or fixes for.
> * The ">" and "<" keys don't go to the beginning of the next line
> or end of the previous line anymore.  Now they go "straight down".

there's never been a command to move as you describe.
`next/previous link' are usually tied to the down/up arrow keys:
you can change key-bindings in  lynx.cfg ;
you can use your own  lynx.cfg  by entering  lynx -cfg=yourlynxcfg .

> * When Lynx starts up, it is set to include "[blank.gif]" etc.
> for all images that don't have an ALT text.

look in  lynx.cfg  & the Options Menu for `image' & try resetting things.
there's also advice in Users Guide via `h' .

> * When I'm editing a TEXTAREA in a form, I see the "(^Ve for editor)"
> message as I have for some time, but now when I press ^V e,
> I get the old "Lynx cannot currently (e)dit remote WWW files." message.
> I do have an editor set in the (O)ptions screen.

Lynx still can't edit remote files.
however, default form-edit key-bindings have changed recently,
so look in Users Guide & try changing them in  lynx.cfg .

you sound like an experienced Lynx user, so this is just a quick reply.
try those things out & ask again at  lynx-dev  if you're still lost.
also let your sysadmin know that 2-8-3 should be released soon.

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