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lynx-dev --enable-kanji

From: Hataguchi Takeshi
Subject: lynx-dev --enable-kanji
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 17:59:32 +0900 (JST)

I wrote a patch for dev20.
  o replace 3 CONV_JISX0201KANA_ISX0208KANA to 
  o enable the routines to change kanji code which is used for overriding,
    since my last change disabled this.

I tested dev20 and knew the configure option --enable-kanji is for
defining three symbols USE_TH_JP_AUTO_DETECT, 

I don't want to deal with these three symbols similarly
because I think the first two symbols are for the routines
which are essentially useful for Japanese and the last one
(KANJI_CODE_OVERRIDE) is for the routines which isn't essentially useful.
So I wrote before:
> I want the first two macros to be default and the last one not to be.

I want to write for 2.8.3 release, describing configure options, 
preprocessor macros and symbols in lynx.cfg for Japanese in Japanese.
But I can't write it now because I'm not sure whether --enable-kanji 
remains, or what symbols it defines in 2.8.3 release.
I'll feel happy if someone lets me know about them clearly.
Takeshi Hataguchi
E-mail: address@hidden

%%% Created Sat Feb 19 11:26:37 JST 2000 by target lynx.patch. %%%
diff -bru orig/lynx2-8-3/src/GridText.c lynx2-8-3/src/GridText.c
--- orig/lynx2-8-3/src/GridText.c       Tue Feb 15 13:07:38 2000
+++ lynx2-8-3/src/GridText.c    Sat Feb 19 11:04:08 2000
@@ -3809,7 +3809,7 @@
                    ) &&
                    ((unsigned char)ch >= 0xA1) &&
                    ((unsigned char)ch <= 0xDF)) {
                    unsigned char c = (unsigned char)ch;
                    unsigned char kb = (unsigned char)text->kanji_buf;
@@ -4297,7 +4297,7 @@
                        line->data[line->size++] = tmp[0];
                        line->data[line->size++] = tmp[1];
                    } else if (IS_EUC(hi, lo)) {
                        JISx0201TO0208_EUC(hi, lo, &hi, &lo);
                        line->data[line->size++] = hi;
@@ -4312,7 +4312,7 @@
                case SJIS:
                    if ((text->kcode == EUC) || (text->kcode == JIS))
-#ifndef CONV_JISX0201KANA_ISX0208KANA
                        if (IS_EUC_X0201KANA(hi, lo))
                            line->data[line->size++] = lo;
@@ -11443,11 +11443,7 @@
        **  If we get to here, it's not CJK, so disable that if
        **  it is enabled.  But only if we are quite sure. - FM & kw
-       last_kcode = text->kcode = NOKANJI;
        text->kcode = NOKANJI;
        if (HTCJK != NOCJK) {
            if (!p_in || p_in->enc != UCT_ENC_CJK)
                HTCJK = NOCJK;

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