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lynx-dev Traversal Problem!

From: Jeff Crane
Subject: lynx-dev Traversal Problem!
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 07:42:24 -0800 (PST)

Reading from CRAWL.announce in lynx/docs...

TRAVERSE_FILE (traverse.dat):
                  Contains a list of all URLs that
were traversed.  Note
                  that if a URL appears in this file
it will not be 
                  traversed again (important if runs
are started and 
                  stopped).  Placing an entry in this
file BEFORE the
                  run will block traversal of that
URL.  Unlike reject.dat
                  a final * has no effect (see below).
 Note that Lynx
                  internal client-side image MAP URLs
will be included in
                  this file (e.g.,
                  in addition to the "real" (external)
http URLs.

but when I run...
lynx -error_file=lynx.err -anonymous -cookies

I find my traverse.dat to look like this (note the
last 3 entries ARE IDENTICAL)...
... this entry repeats forever and ever...

HOW/why does this loop occur? Or, simply, how can I
prevent it from trying to hit this link over n over n nauseum?
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