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Re: lynx-dev Sources for Latest Lynx

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Sources for Latest Lynx
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:56:35 -0600

        I have just spent most of a day trying to get lynx to work
with SSL and the process isn't all that difficult, but I have made a
mistake somewhere because I didn't get a secure link when running the
suggested test.  I got a message that read:

   Hello, user from -- (139.78.-.-)
   You are using Lynx, but no secure connection was made. Please try

        I got the file openssl-0.9.1c.tar.gz and the only odd thing
about it was that the Configure script did not work and gave an error
as if it was not executable, but it was.  I tried make to see what that
would do and it worked.  Make test also seemed to work as well as make

        I then used patch and the file lynx-282-ssl.patch on the
sources for lynx2-8-2rel.1 dated June of 99 and the configure and make
went like a charm.  Everything works but the finished product and it
works on non-ssl links in a normal way.

        Is there any newer ssl patch that goes with the newer versions
of lynx?  As I said, this isn't hard, but I have this feeling I may
have the wrong version of lynx with the wrong patch or something like

Martin McCormick

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