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List-rules (Was: lynx-dev Unknown problem with lynx and Websterbank..)

From: Morten Bo Johansen
Subject: List-rules (Was: lynx-dev Unknown problem with lynx and Websterbank..)
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 16:52:46 +0100

Jason Castonguay <address@hidden> said:
> Hello everyone.
> I will try to explain this problem as best as I can (don't ask exactly
> what that means <grin>).

> [290k trace cut out]

This is not to create any bad feelings, rather it is a question to the list
maintainers: Are there no written or un-written rules as to the allowed
sizes of messages posted to this list? I mean some of us are on expensive
pay-by-the-minute dial-ups and if it's okay to post messages as large as the
one I'm replying to or even larger, subscribing to lynx-dev could soon turn
into a costly affair.

My sense of netiquette would tell me to put for instance a large trace on a
server and post the link - or describe the question as accurately as I can
and invite people to get a private mail from me, should they express
interest in helping out.

Is this not the recommended method on this list? I'm genuinely interested
because I've seen other lists where people also post very large mails and
seemingly no one objects which may be because everyone but me has
"always-on"/flatrate connections and I'm just being old-fashioned.


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