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lynx-dev Unknown problem with lynx and Websterbank Web Banking service

From: Jason Castonguay
Subject: lynx-dev Unknown problem with lynx and Websterbank Web Banking service
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 19:13:49 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone.

I will try to explain this problem as best as I can (don't ask exactly
what that means <grin>).

I am having a problem with lynx and Websterbank's web-banking service when
I try to add merchants to my currently-empty merchant list.  I choose "add
merchant" from the "merchant accounts" page.  It presents me with a search
field, in which I type the name to search for.  The submit button is right
below it.  I enter on that link and get the error I have come to dread so
much <grin>.  It basically says that the server is unable to process my
transaction and that the search string was invalid.  When doing the same
process under Windows, however, it all works.

First of all, I have to change the useragnet string of lynx to the one
Windows uses, or the web-banking service won't let me in at
all.  Secondly, one needs SSL capabilities to access these services, which
I have.  I can't seem to find any problems with the HTML coding for that
page (but then again, I'm not exactly the HTML/java/networking

If any of you would like to try this out for yourselves, there is a
"demo" web-banking facility that acts pretty much like the real one.  It
presents the same error as it does from my login.  If you go to:

choose "web banking" and then choose link 15 (which is a web-banking
picture button). (Verbose images reports it as
[webbanking_button.gif].)  SSL must be installed to continue at this
point.  Choose the top frame (after all, it is the only one you can
choose), and then the center frame.  It will tell you how to log on for a
"demo user."  After logging in, the merchant accounts page is located in
the west frame.  This already has some merchants listed, but you can still
choose to add some.

I sincerely hope I am explaining myself well.  I will also include a trace
file as a MIME attachment in case it is more convenient than trying to
follow my crazy directions.

Again, please reply to me personally if possible, as I am not a member of 
this list.  Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

Jason Castonguay <address@hidden>

"Stop whatever it is you are doing and take the time to smile."

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