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lynx-dev Sun/X-term display problem

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Sun/X-term display problem
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 04:42:09 -0500

000125 Manju Shekhar wrote to me:

please send all inquiries to  address@hidden ,
where all the volunteers will see them & you will get proper advice.
also, use a meaningful Subject to get attention.

> I recently installed Lynx on a Sun Ultra-2 workstation (Sunos 5.5.1) 
> When I start up Lynx and type an URL, it gets the data alright, 
> but nothing gets displayed on the screen.
> I'm using an xterm, with K-shell.
> Has this anything to do with the character sets?
> I'm not really sure what's the right set to use.

i can't help with this: it would help others,
if you could give sample URLs for which you have a problem;
what charset(s) are you trying to use?
also, be sure you are using the latest Lynx:
release 2-8-2 :
development 2-8-3dev.18 : .

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