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From: Michael Warner
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 23:15:17 -0800 (PST)

On or about 25 Jan, 2000, Gabor Z. Papp
<address@hidden> wrote (to me, rather than the list):

> Hi, can you tell me how can I define an external ftp client
> for lynx? I must use a passive mode client, and defining one
> in the config file isn't works, lynx still try with his
> builtin. :-(

The instructions in lynx.cfg are pretty complete, but I'll run
through a few possible problem spots.

Note: I'm assuming you are on a unix-type system.  If you are
using Windows, things will be different and someone else will be
better able to help you.  If so, let us know at address@hidden
Also, if none of my comments help, write back to the list with
more information -- the system you are on, the lynx version you
have, the exact "EXTERNAL:" line you have in lynx.cfg, and so on.

Pre-First: Probably the most common error is to try to use the
"d" key to download with an external program.  The default key to
use for an external program is "." (period).  "d" won't work
without a lot of effort on your part to make it so.

Next-First, you should have a line something like:

EXTERNAL:ftp:wget %s &:TRUE

in lynx.cfg.  Make sure you have removed the "#" from the
beginning of the line, otherwise lynx sees it as a comment, and
doesn't use it.

Next, this only works for "ftp://something"; type URL's.  If you
want to use an EXTERNAL command for "http://"; URL's, you need a
line like:

EXTERNAL:http:someprogram %s:TRUE

The program you specify (wget in the example) has to be one that
is actually available on your system.  If it isn't in your PATH,
use an absolute pathname (/usr/local/bin/wget, for instance).

If none of this helps, and you are using a copy of lynx that
someone else compiled, they may not have included the ability to
use EXTERNAL's, in which I think your only option is to compile
your own copy.

Any further discussion, questions, etc., is best sent to the
lynx-dev list.  I'm one of the least knowledgable people on the
list, and others can give much better help.  Also, it's good for
the people working on the software and documentation to know what
sort of problems people are having.

If you haven't or don't want to subscribe to the list, at least
until your problem is figured out, you can read the list at:

Then again, you must already be reading the list, or else you
probably wouldn't have sent me your question.  So, never mind. :)

Hope This Helps,

Michael Warner

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