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Re: lynx-dev Re: external mail programs

From: Eduardo Chappa L.
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: external mail programs
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 00:55:28 -0800 (PST)

*** Klaus Weide wrote in the Lynx list today:
:) Eduardo's patch under <>
:) that "allows you to use pine for composing messages" is taking the easy
:) way out.  Its more than 1000 lines nearly all delete lines of the Lynx
:) code and only add the few new ones for calling pine theat he is
:) interested in.  That's not exactly a solution that can be adopted as-is.
:) (I didn't test his patch.  But it seems to only apply to one of the
:) several ways in which mail can be generated by lynx, and that the
:) possibility to quote the original article/page is lost, as well as
:) other goodies like creating in-reply-to headers.)

Yes you are right about your opinion, at least mostly. I have never
intended to make this as a patch for lynx, but more as a patch for "pine
users" rather than for lynx users (although you can try to argue that this
is false, my idea is that pine users can use pine to compose messages in
lynx, rather than lynx users use pine to compose messages - I hope that
explains why I never really submitted the patch). I had not thought about
the fact that things like including the original article/page were lost,
but you are right, and that has a fix, which I expect will be easy.

My only real point here is that users should have the option of
configuring which mailer to use. Browsers like Opera allow you to do so,
for example, as I read today in a web page. Although this does not seem to
be of great importance in a browser for some of you. I believe that today
a mailer and a web browser are the two most used internet products. It
would be nice if both of these products allow you to open by default
the other one. My mailer certainly can be configured to open my default
browser, without me needing to do anything different from what I normally
do and that's what I expect of my browser with respect to my mailer too.

I hope someone can write a nice patch for lynx to do this, although it
must not look important for many of you.


P.S.: If you read this list using pine4.21 you may be interested in
checking a patch that I wrote for pine, which in particular allows you to
display the index without the string "lynx-dev" in the subject of every
message, making this more readable. Actually the patch does way more than
that, it's really powerful, but I won't waste your time explaining what it
does here (it would be long to explain what all the possible combinations
can do, but it's a lot). If you are interested check it at the address in
my signature and look for "Define your own rules and make pine flexible!".
If you need help defining the rules, just contact me.

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