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lynx-dev Re: Lynx .IDE file for Borland C ++

From: Webmaster Jim
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Lynx .IDE file for Borland C ++
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 12:53:16 -0500

On Tue, Jan 04, 2000 at 07:36:32PM +0200, Mike Bledig wrote:
> OBJ = ../obj
> had to be changed to:
> OBJ = obj
> ETC_LIB = ../curses
> had to be changed to:
> ETC_LIB = curses

You created the obj and curses subdirectories beneath the lynx
directory, I assume.  In the long run, creating them in the next level
up will allow you to unpack new versions and compile without needing to
move those subdirectories.

> Since I made those changes, it is finding the "zlib.lib", but it is now 
> asking for a file "pdcurses.h" which can not be found.
> does any one know where I can find this header file?
> It doesn't seem to be in the file I downloaded.

I'll have to look at home, but perhaps the curses.h file or some such
needs to be renamed?

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