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Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx .IDE file for Borland C ++

From: Hiroyuki Senshu
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Lynx .IDE file for Borland C ++
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 22:06:25 +0900

Mike Bledig wrote:
>Ok! yea! All most there! :-)
>I've used bc5.0 to tri and compile the Lynx source.  But during the 
>linking stage, I get the following errror:
>Error: Unresolved external '_current_codepage' referenced from 
>module src/lycurses.c
>Error: Unresolved external '_errno' referenced from module gzio.c
>** error 1 ** deleting lynx.exe

_current_codepage error:
As for this error, there is a cause in it isn't using PDcurses
complying with Japanese.

First of all make the block of current_codepage of LYCurses.c
a comment as a countermeasure.

The error of _errno is thought that zlib.lib
isn't being made properly to be a cause.

Though it is explained in detail in Japanese, it regrets
that there is no English commentary as for the process
of this side.

Shonai College of Industry and Technology.
Electronics and Computer Infomation Course.
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