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lynx-dev QUESTION

Subject: lynx-dev QUESTION
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 14:30:47


Thanks you to have created Lynx! Lynx is very easy to use for blinds. It's 
also so hard to find programs running under DOS!

I have a problem to connect me on two sites.

I use Lynx 2.8.2. When I connect me to, a link appears 
with another address. I press ENTER. After a little moment, I see the 
following message:

Read 16384 bytes of data,

followed by speed. When I wait ten minutes, I always see the same message. 
The first (of two) pages is displayed, and I can do anything. I must abort 

The second site is When I try to connect me, I always 
see the same message:

HTTP request sent; waiting for response.

When I wait ten minutes, I always see the same message, and nothing else 
than the last connected site is displayed. I also must abort connexion.

I know that Network Associates have made changes to those sites, and I 
suspect that there's an incompatibility beetween Lynx and those sites.

I would like to ask you something else. DOS versions of Lynx can't be used 
to make FTP connection. I know that it's possible to define, in LYNX.CFG, 
a FTP_PROXY setting, but my provider has now no PROXY that can be 
configured. It only has an automatically and transparent PROCY, that don't 
allow me to use LYNX to make FTP connexion. Do it exist a solution for me?

Thnks for your answer!

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