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Re: lynx-dev QUESTION

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev QUESTION
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:51:07 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, BERNARD SCHWEITZER wrote:

> Thanks you to have created Lynx! Lynx is very easy to use for blinds. It's 
> also so hard to find programs running under DOS!
> I have a problem to connect me on two sites.
> I use Lynx 2.8.2. When I connect me to, a link appears 
> with another address. I press ENTER. After a little moment, I see the 
> following message:
> ... 
> The second site is When I try to connect me, I always 

These are both sites of NAI, whose web sites are frequently busy.
Both these sites should be accessible via lynx, however. The latter
site redirects and tries to give two cookies. I am not sure that
lynx version 2.8.2 (which rel or dev minor version?) handles these
correctly. You shouldn't have a problem with a current version of
> I would like to ask you something else. DOS versions of Lynx can't be used 
> to make FTP connection. I know that it's possible to define, in LYNX.CFG, 
> a FTP_PROXY setting, but my provider has now no PROXY that can be 
> configured. It only has an automatically and transparent PROCY, that don't 
> allow me to use LYNX to make FTP connexion. Do it exist a solution for me?

The solution for this is easy. The current DOS version of lynx handles
ftp internally quite well. If you still want to use your old version
of lynx, you need to set up an external program (such as ftp07) and
activate it with the key for externals (default binding is "."). Get
DOS version 2.8.3dev.14 from my web site. Pointers to alternate sites
for DOS binaries are also given there.

Write back if you have any trouble setting up the new DOS port.
Note that you will need a new WATTCP.CFG file. You should also go
through the new lynx.cfg file to see the new options available and to
configure them to your preferences. See the details in the README.DOS
file and the accompanying text files.
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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